Muskoka Forest Fire Danger Rating

Sunday November 1st, 2015

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Provided by:
The Muskoka Association of Fire Chiefs

Dial 911 in an EMERGENCY!

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Fire & Emergency Response

The BFD is operated from 2 stations with a total of 2 Pumpers, 3 Tankers, 1 Ladder Truck, 1 Emergency Support Unit, 1 Marine Unit / Fireboat and 2 Pickup Trucks.

The full-time Fire Chief oversees a full-time Deputy Fire Chief / Training, full-time Fire Prevention Officer, 2 part-time Administrative staff, and approximately 40 volunteer-paid Fire Fighters.

Fire Chief - Murray Medley
Deputy Fire Chief / Training - Jared Cayley
Fire Prevention Officer - Mike Peake
Administrative Staff - Pat Veitch / Lydia Shier

Station 1

Station 1 - Bracebridge

Located at 16 Dominion Street in the heart of urban Bracebridge. Station 1 was built in the fall of 1981 to meet the increasing space requirements of the fire department. The station contains the administration offices and the apparatus bay is home to 6 fire apparatus.

Station 2

Station 2 - Vankoughnet

Located at 3480 Highway 118 East at the intersection of Bird Lake Road. Completed in the fall of 1982, the building was constructed by the firefighters from Station 2 with additional labour and materials donated by residents from the Vankoughnet area. In 2009/2010, with the support of Council, an addition was added to the back of the building to increase the available space for both the apparatus bays and office/training room. The apparatus bay is home to 2 fire apparatus.

Pump 5

Pump 5 - Station 1

Purchased new in 2003 this unit is used as a front line response unit for most calls. It carries 800 gallons of water with a pump capacity of 1,050 gpm. The cab has seating for six firefighters and storage for an extensive compliment of fire and rescue equipment.

Ladder 11

Ladder 11 - Station 1

Delivered Sept 2011, this unit replaces Ladder 1. This unit will be a backup unit to Pump 5 to all in town emergency calls. It carries 500 gal. of water and has a 1,500 gpm. pump. The cab has seating for 6 firefighters. The 75 ft. ladder assembly is equipped with a piped in water monitor.


Emergency Support Unit 3 - Station 1

Purchased new in 1997, this unit is used as a support unit for other trucks. It has seating for five firefighters and additional storage capacity for fire and rescue equipment. It also has additional space that can be used as a command center or a rehab area for firefighters.

Tank 6

Tank 6 - Station 1

Purchased new in 2008, this unit is used to transport water to areas not on the municipal water system. It carries 1,500 gal. of water with a 420 gpm pump. The cab has seating for two firefighters with compartment space for a limited amount of smaller equipment.

Tank 8

Tank 8 - Station 1

Purchased new in 1999, this unit is equipped to the same specifications as Tanker 6.

Unit 12

Unit 12 - Station 1

Purchased new in 2007, this 4x4 Ford pickup truck is used to transport wildland fire equipment and additional firefighters. It is also used to access areas that are too restricted to use the larger trucks.

Unit 14

Unit 14 - Station 1

Purchased new in 2013, this is a 4X4 Chevrolet pickup truck used to transport personnel and equipment to extended calls and training events.

Unit 9

Unit 9 - Docked on Lake Muskoka

Purchased new in 2000, this is a 25 ft. flat bottom aluminum boat. The outboards were upgraded to twin 150 hp Yamahas in 2008. This unit is based at a local marina on Lake Muskoka in the spring, summer and fall.

Unit 32

Unit 32 (1932 Antique Pumper)

This is the first motorized unit owned by the department. It was brought back to Bracebridge in 1976 and restored by the firefighters at that time.

Pump 4

Pump 4 - Station 2

Purchased in 2012, this unit is used as a rapid response, front line unit. It carries 1000 gallons of water with a pump capacity of 1500 gpm. The cab has seating for five firefighters.

Tank 7

Tank 7 - Station 2

Purchased new in 2006, this unit is similar to Tank #6 and #8 at Station One. It is used to supply water to Pump #4 or assist in water shuttle operations with Station One.